About the app

A normal web app with feature of social interaction requires to keep their users updated about recent happenings. For this, a notification system comes handy which stores numerous kinds of notifications and updates the user that a notification is received as soon as an action is performed.

The sole purpose of django-notify-x is to add a facebook-like notification system functionality and give you the ability to control everything.

The key features of Django Notify are:

  • Send notifications to multiple user at once.
  • AJAX supported views to update, read and delete notifications on the client-side.
  • To provide activity-stream like field options.
  • To distinguish notifications by their types, so that you can control their behaviours easily.
  • To handle client-side javascript, the django way.
  • And many more!


This project may seem like a replica of django-notifications , yes, this project was highly inspired from django-notifications.

But to make it clear, when I started this, too many features were already commited on the project and they used different approach from what I wanted. So instead of forking, doing too many changes and sending a PR, I started my own version of it :).